Be reassured - Healthwatch can find you reliable Covid 19 support

Online or offline Healthwatch is working with South Glos Council and volunteer groups to round up useful support services! Even if you have no computer you can get practical support or advice to stay safe and well during the coronavirus outbreak.

See information from South Glos Council on the many, sometimes informal but invaluable, community groups that have sprung up to help especially vulnerable people have the help they need at this difficult and potentially lonely lockdown period.

The council has produced a community information pack to help connect people to services and has asked for Healthwatch's support to point people in the right direction. We are here as a 'trustworthy friend' to help guide people in need to a useful source of information or support.  Whether it's  for help with shopping or to get advice on mental wellbeing and dealing with isolation, you can get support even if you don't have a computer. There is also a way of  adding your Covid-19 group to South Glos Council's directory. Download the council's information pack here or for more information look here.

Volunteer shopping etc is available from ACORN  and Mutual Aid (open map and there is a area list) 

If you live in South Glos and have no internet access then you can use these numbers for help.

ACORN : 07432473293. 

MUTUAL AID : 0794 223 5750



  1. Call the number
  2. An ACORN  member of staff  or MUTUAL AID volunteer will ask you first for a name and phone number, what neighbourhood you live in, and a postcode.
  3. You will be asked what kind of support is needed (food/supplies delivery etc.) and how to pay if payment is necessary (bank transfer, cash, can't currently afford etc.).
  4. All this information will then be passed on to one of the volunteers who will then contact you by phone to double check what you need and to deliver any support. 
  5. The only info on the FB page will be asking for a volunteer willing to help and the postcode and what the need is. NO PERSONAL INFO WILL BE ON PUBLIC VIEW.
  6. There is no face to face contact involved and anything that needs delivering will be left on the doorstep (or somewhere else) for them to collect.
  7. They  have provided safeguarding guidance for volunteers but no DBS of course.

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