Reaching out to our local community

We strive to make sure we hear from as wide a range of our diverse community as possible. We want to tell the people who make decisions and change things about the experiences everyone has with health and care services. 

We understand that factors such as culture, location, wealth, education, environment and discrimination can lead to worse health outcomes, and we support the strong consensus that this must change. We stand ready to help by doing more to amplify the voices of communities that go unheard and reduce the barriers they face. 

Making a difference to our local community

Four individual blue and white banners advertising the COVID-19 information events.

Helping you make an informed choice about the COVID-19 vaccination

When COVID-19 vaccination rollout began, there was a great deal of misinformation about the vaccine. To help people to make an informed decision, we hosted a series of webinars with experts who could provide reliable guidance and answer questions.

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The first two question on the checklist. The first is 'my name is'. The second is 'my main carer is'

Improving the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities

People with a learning disability can sometimes find it difficult to identify any health issues they may be having. To make this easier, we created a checklist to help people with a learning disability get the most out their annual health check.

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An older woman standing outside, smiling

Caring for someone with dementia? You can now find support more quickly

Caring for someone with dementia can be challenging, and carers often report feelings of guilt, confusion, and anger. We spoke to carers across South Gloucestershire to find out what help they needed, and put together a resource to help them access support.

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