Bored and age 11-19? Sign up to digital fun

Digital activity sessions are being run by a South Glos youth organisation to keep young people occupied and resist the urge to go outdoors.

Made Forever Youth Club has set up Zoom sessions for young people aged 11-19 –every Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm. There’s the chance to play games, do interactive creative activities, give tips for what to do while in isolation and keep young people engaged. Get in touch now to sign up on 07741 659 627 

Creative Youth Network, the charity which runs Made Forever youth club, continues to offer support to young people, including the most vulnerable, through calls and digital activities, and by joining other key workers to engage young people who can find isolation difficult and might think of venturing outdoors and put themselves at risk of coronavirus.

You can find more activities at:

Facebook - /creativeyouthnet

Twitter - @creative_youth

Instagram - creativeyouthnetwork


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