Celebrating 10 Years of The Equality Act

Healthwatch South Gloucestershire joins other local organisations to mark 10 years since the introduction of the Equality Act.
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To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the introduction of the Equality Act, key representatives of the South Gloucestershire Equality Forum talk about what has been achieved over the last 10 years, where we are now and what are our hopes for the future.

The Equality Act of 2010  protects people in the following groups in law from discrimination both at home and at work.


  • age.
  • disability.
  • gender reassignment.
  • marriage and civil partnership.
  • pregnancy and maternity.
  • race.
  • religion or belief.
  • sex.

Healthwatch SG is involved in the South Gloucestershire Equalities Forum and as part of this was asked to contribute to South Gloucestershire Council’s video.

Our area lead Maisy said: “I was very lucky to be part of this project.”

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