South Gloucestershire Dementia Friendly Communities - summer 2021 newsletter

South Gloucestershire Dementia Friendly Communities, a local organisation to set up to offer help and support to both those suffering from dementia, and their loved ones, have just launched their summer 2021 newsletter!
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South Gloucestershire Dementia Friendly Communities have been running since 2015, and work to improve dementia awareness and inclusion. Their summer 2021 newsletter summarises what they've been doing over the last three months, in challenging circumstances, to promote dementia awareness.

Some of the highlights include:

  • the approval of a new drug to treat one type of dementia, Alzheimer's disease
  • volunteering opportunities for people who have been diagnosed with dementia
  • the benefits of getting an early diagnosis of dementia
  • improving your brain health and wellbeing
  • times and dates of upcoming Dementia Friends sessions
  • information about the reopening of their Memory Cafes

You can download the full newsletter by clicking the pink 'Download' button below.


South Gloucestershire Dementia Friendly Communities - summer 2021 newsletter

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