Elgar Enablement Unit - Southmead Hospital Enter & View 2018

Healthwatch South Gloucestershire was asked to undertake an Enter and View visit to Elgar Enablement Unit directed by South Gloucestershire’s Health Scrutiny Committee. This took place on 8 October 2018.
Male doctor speaking to a male patient


Elgar Enablement Unit, Southmead Hospital, Enter and View 2018

This was an unexpected visit by Authorised Representatives of Healthwatch South Gloucestershire.  It was part of a wider programme of work examining the  3R's - recovery, rehabilitation and reablement

Key findings included:

  • Very clean, bright and cheerful
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated staff
  • Delays in patient discharge are already occurring

The delays in discharge follow a change of provider in the health system providing aftercare and follow-on support.

You can download the report here. If you require information in a different format please email or phone on contact@healthwatchsouthgloucestershire.co.uk or 07944 373235


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