How do you look after yourself in South Glos?

As services, such as the NHS, come under increasing pressure, people are being encouraged to take greater responsibility for looking after their own health and wellbeing.

In order to prevent the likelihood of the public needing to receive treatment and support both now and in the future.  This is called ‘self-care’.

Self-care can be simple – such as treating minor ailments like coughs and colds at home.

It can be making choices that help you to live a healthier lifestyle, such as walking or using public transport to the shops rather than driving, choosing healthy food, or stopping smoking.

It can be giving people the skills and knowledge to manage long-term conditions at home, such as diabetes.

We want to hear from you to find out what you do to keep happy, healthy and well.

You can do this by taking part in our online survey or by asking for copy in paper format. We are also happy to come out and speak to you as well.

Please contact us on 01454 543 402 or to speak to one of the team.