Our round up of how we've worked for you this year

Read all about how we expanded our geographical area, our staff team and developed new work areas to ensure we continue to make an impact on health and social care services near you.
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We took on a new contract to run Bristol and South Gloucestershire alongside North Somerset in October 2019 and are moving forward with plans to gather more feedback from hard-to-reach groups with our area lead Maisy Griffiths who was appointed in January 2020.

How we have been working in South Gloucestershire.

During Covid-19 we developed relationships, mapped networks and plugged ourselves into the local voluntary sector to ensure the most vulnerable could find the help they needed to stay safe and well.

We have also developed digital guides to using clinic or appointment booking online to help those digitally excluded. These are an important asset with many face-to-face services being suspended and online alternatives being created instead to comply with social distancing rules.

Your experiences are needed to improve services

At our launch events earlier this year, we selected a project that asks people who have Learning Disabilities or Autistic Spectrum disorders to see if they understand health messages. Healthwatch wants to reach out to all groups as their feedback is key to developing services that people know how to access and, therefore, benefit from.

Covid-19’s impact, the way this has affected how or even whether people access services and the many changes to how they are provided means our projects are even more important.
— Our Area Manager Vicky Marriott


Healthwatch Annual Report 2019/2020

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